1,282. Themed parties

1,281. Being friends with your coworkers

1,280. Special treats that you only get a couple times a year

1,279. When somebody makes or brings you soup when you’re sick

1,278. Art markets

1,277. Mini terrariums

Hey team, just so you know I am trying to get back into updating this blog but I often forget, so don’t hesitate to send me suggestions or encouragement!¬†
If you want to hear from me in the meantime, I have my main blog here

1,276. How nicely a car drives after a tune-up

1,275. Unexpected cheques from the government

1,274. Beautiful old keys

1,273. Late night mcdonalds

1,272. The light fluffy snow that sticks to your eyelashes

1,271. Ampersands

They’re just beautiful, okay?

1,270. Lazy days where you just sit in your pajamas and read people’s blogs literally all afternoon

1, 269. Browsing books at the library or bookstore